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All the world IS a stage, and we're ready to play!

Backyard Drama remembers the days when neighborhood kids could gather together and put on a show - just for the fun of it! Students learn the basics of theatre in a low-key, high-energy atmosphere while connecting with friends and playing games. Now with new opportunities for Teens to produce & perform!

the Players - Midsummer Magic
Bottom and Titania - Midsummer Magic
Backyard Drama Club
The Pucks - Midsummer Magic
The Lovers - Midsummer Magic
Counselors putting on make up - Aesops
The Fae - Midsummer Magic
Aesop's Amazing Animals
a fox & a bear - Aesops
the crow - Aesops
fox make up - Aespos
Mouse make up - Aesops
a mouse & a bear - Aesops
Drama Games!
Lady Wisdom & Lady Prudence - Aesops
Bark - the set piece
The Tortoise & the Hare - Aesops


Five fun-filled days of theatre arts activities culminating in the performance of a real play, complete with costumes, props, and sets, for family & friends. 


Games and activities will be used to develop theatre skills such as working in an ensemble, building a character, making strong choices, and playing within the rules of theatre. Students will also have opportunities to craft sets, costumes, props, and marketing materials for each show.


While not specifically evangelical, All the World a Stage exists to connect the dots between life, faith, and theatre. Backyard Drama activities will include elements of worship, prayer, and teachings based on a Biblical worldview. 



The beauty of Backyard Drama is that it can take place anywhere! We've held camp in backyards, parks, churches, and schools. Check the registration page for the current season's locations.

When? Who?

Camps meet Mon-Sat, 10 AM - 2 PM, with a performance for family and friends at 1 pm on Saturday. Camps are designed for students in 1st - 6th grade. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Older students are encouraged to check out the TEEN TROUPE.

How? (and other important details) 

  • Cost is $60.00 per camper. Additional donations of time, money, or supplies are always appreciated!  

  • Cast Members are asked to bring a sack lunch, water bottle, bug spray, and sunscreen (for personal use)

  • Cast Members are expected to participate in all activities and games, memorize their part, and be respectful of other cast and crew, and counselors. 

Teen Troupe

Teens in 9th - 12th grade are invited to serve as Camp Counselors and Production Team members for the Backyard Drama camps while also getting the opportunity to perform in their own production! 


Yep! Participants in the Teen Troupe lead their own team of campers encouraging and connecting  with them over the course of the week WHILE ALSO leading a particular part of the production. 


Teens will work under the guidance of Mrs. Hilton to produce the show including as:

  • Director unifies and leads the rehearsal process, crafts a vision for the design and blocks the action on stage.

  • Stage Manager coordinates the Logistics of the show, writes down blocking, helps with line memorization

  • Music Director leads the music process of the rehearsals

  • Choreographer choreographs and teaches the dances and fights

  • Designers lead students in creating the Props, Costumes, and Set elements of the show 


Teen Troupe gives students who love theatre an opportunity to develop leadership skills behind the scenes AS WELL AS advanced acting opportunities through their Teen Troupe Production. 

Teen Troupe meets 1 hour prior to the beginning of camp and rehearses for 3 hours after campers are picked up. 

The production is performed for family and friends after the camper performance on Saturday.

The exact roles necessary for each show are dependent on the show and number of campers signed up.

Teen Troupe

Email with questions! 

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