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Stage Curtains

okay, twentyish years ago in central California, I was a little girl with big dreams. Fame and fortune, sure, but mostly I just wanted to play.

Hi! I'm Jaime, and I am a Theatre Artist.

I love characters, stories, history, and make-believe worlds! I've been dabbling in theatre and writing for more than thirty years and haven't stopped yet.

I play many roles in this wonderful life. I'm a follower of Jesus, an actor's wife, mama bear to 4 adorable cubs, homeschooler, teacher, writer, director, and audition coach. 



I want you to know the Bible as confidently as you know Hamilton lyrics! I want you to recognize the Voice of the Director and to play the role He has cast you in because your voice is needed on this stage called life. 


Thanks for being here!

Once Upon a Time, in a faraway land...


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Dress Rehearsal!.jpg

Working alongside my favorite young actress!

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