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Curtain Call

Theatre Artist:

One who creates art in the realm of theatre; an Actor, Director, Playwright, Designer, Stage Manager, etc. 

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Theatre Artists Train

It doesn't matter if you're a singer or not. Learn proper vocal technique: how to project, enunciate, breathe, and care for your voice. Here's a simple WARM UP.


Read, Read, Read!

Read fiction, non-fiction, plays, blogs, and newspapers.

Check out this list for ideas!


Train your body and feed it well. Focus on strength, flexibility, cardio, endurance, and dance!


Make time to pray, study your Bible and connect with other believers. Check out The Script Study.


Cultivate relationships, hobbies, and healthy ways of expressing your emotions!


That's a Good Rule of Thumb!

A Rule of Thumb is a standard by which something is measured. It's not something you know by scientific process, but something learned through experience. Jesus didn't give us a list of rules to follow, he gave us a person - himself. 

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