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Writing, Directing, Teaching, Coaching, Consulting

Jaime teaches middle school acting and serves as Theatre Program Coordinator for the Lancaster Academy for the Performing Arts, and teaches Discipleship for the Sight & Sound Conservatory. She is also a freelance Audition Coach, Director, Writer, and Teacher.

She earned her B.A. in Fine Arts at East Texas Baptist University, majoring in Theatre with a minor in Religion. She has worked in churches as associate staff, Human Resources, payroll, grocery stores, summer camps, and clerical positions.


She especially likes working with young actors, encouraging them to develop their craft and their faith.

Jaime L. Hilton is a contributing author for Hello Mornings Bible studies and Do Not She writes dramas, sketches, and scripts for use in worship and teaching, curriculum, and devotionals. She's been known to experiment with poetry, short stories, and pieces of what may someday become a real novel.  

Favorite Projects

The Exodus Epic, Artistic Director

Summer Camp 2023, Piercing Word

Beauty and the Beast Jr (MTI), Producer/Stage Manager

Summer Camp 2023, LAPA

The Wizard of Oz, Youth Edition (Concord Theatricals), Director

April 2023, Veritas Academy

Dorothy in Wonderland (Pioneer Drama), Director

February 2023, Veritas Academy Drama Club

Fiddler on the Roof Jr (MTI), Director

April 2022 at Veritas Academy

The Legend of Robin Hood (Reiman), Director

February 2022, Veritas Academy Drama Club

Radium Girls (Gregory), Assistant Director

September 2021 at Lancaster Bible College

As You Like It (Shakespeare), Director

April 2021 at Veritas Academy

A Giant Dental Dilemma (McHale), Director

February 2021, Veritas Academy Drama Club


The Hiding Place (A.S. Peterson), Director

(canceled) at Veritas Academy

Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure, Director

(canceled) at Nitrauer Elementary

We Three Spies, Director

December 2019, Kingdom Kids at Lancaster Alliance Church


The Nativity, Teacher/Director/Script Arrangement

December 2019, the Paloma School/Piercing Word 

Let Freedom Ring, Assistant Stage Manager

July-August 2019, Servant Stage Company

The Death of Samson, Director

July 2019, Piercing Word Summer Camp

Citizens of the Kingdom, Teacher/Director/Script Arrangement

Spring 2019, Manheim Area Christian Homeschool/Piercing Word


CYT Atlanta Area Coordinator/Teacher

2007 - 2013

The Most Massive Woman Wins (Madeline George), Stage Manager

2007, The Process Theatre

Larceny and Old Lace (Vandegriff), Director

2005, The Cobb Playhouse and Studio

Oleanna (Mamet), Director

2005, The Hilltop Players, East Texas Baptist University

A Doll's House (Ibsen), Mrs. Linde

2004, Hilltop Players, East Texas Baptist University

Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare), Hero

2004, Hilltop Players, East Texas Baptist University


Grease (Jacobs & Casey), Jan

2003, Longview Community Players

Favorite Connections

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