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A List I Love

Happy President's Day AND belated Valentine's Day (isn't February fun?)

In honor of the day we celebrate love and a few of the men of who have made our country better, here is a short list of things that I love that are currently making my life better! Enjoy! (P.S. this is not an affiliate post - I am, unfortunately, not receiving any compensation for the forthcoming glowing recommendations)

the Rocketbook

Why was I content to write on regular paper for so long? All the joy of writing or sketching by hand, synching notes on computer, and saving paper. Because once notes have been scanned and saved to the cloud of your choice, you can wipe the pages clean!


I've always been an avid fan of reading with my eyes. Audiobooks used to put me to sleep! But growth, change, seasons of life and all that. In this season, reading tends to trigger my "study" button and sometimes we just need to soak in the Word without an agenda. Dwell is an app with listening plans, professional voices, and beautiful worship accompanying the readings.

The Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers

An old favorite, The Lineage of Grace is a series of novellas about the women named in the line of Jesus. My daughter is discovering the joy of these stories now and it is a delight to experience them again through her eyes. She is caught up in the stories and inspired to read the Bible for herself.

That joy of discovery is what inspired the Script Study, my own labor of love. All of these tools help me to do one of the things I most love to do - share the stories of Scripture.

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