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Drama Happens

Do you get the February Funks?

The resolutions you proudly declared in January get derailed. The project you were excited about starting feels more like drudgery than a gift. The winter weather is wet and cold...somehow less magical than it was in December and January... and it just seems to go on and on! The season intended for hibernation is as busy as any other but with the added bonus of impractical weather and germs! #dramahappens #studyyourscript

I am a planner and a pantser. I like to organize my schedule and live by lists but I also enjoy flying by the seat of my pants and do some of my best work when I have that kind of freedom. Either way, whether I'm sticking to the well laid plan or going with the flow, there comes a time when things simply get difficult. There's this space between dreams and life. The process of putting up a show. The difference between the ideal chore chart or school lesson in my head and the reality of my kids executing my plan. The challenge is to get things from one place (my head) to the other (real life) and in that movement things are pretty much guaranteed to fall apart.

Plans don't always work. Life doesn't always flow as smoothly as we need it to. Life is a rehearsal and drama happens. In Romans 8:28, Paul tells us that all things work together for our good. We often take that to mean we are entitled to a life of sunshine and rainbows, but that doesn't quite fit with the rest of Scripture where we are promised suffering (John 16:33), persecution (Romans 8:35), and called to follow Christ in death (Matthew 16:24).

In light of these other verses, I find it more accurate to understand Romans 8:28 as God using every piece of our lives - the broken, damaged, failures, successes, good intentions, even bad intentions - to bring about His purpose which is restoration for us and glory to His name.

One of the major themes that will be recurring often throughout the year at All the World a Stage is the idea of Yes, And... In theatre, “Yes, And” means you accept what another actor gives you, then add to it for the purpose of furthering the story. In my world of theatre-influenced faith, it means holding the tension between things that seem like opposites but are both true.

YES, I am called and equipped for this particular work.

AND... the work is sometimes overwhelming and feels impossible and I won't always book the job.

YES, we will have trouble and persecution as believers living in this broken world. AND... God works all things for our good.

Maybe like me you need a little encouragement to keep going. You know you have the YES from God, but you need help pushing through the AND. May I humbly suggest that you stay the course? Adjust your point of view. Stick with the plan and roll with the punches. Do your part. Love your neighbor. Rest in the comfort of a God who is for you. Hold loosely to the ideals and remember that even when things are not going your way, they can still go His way.

All the World a Stage is intended to be a resource of encouragement and growth for believers involved or interested in any area of theatre arts. If you enjoy this blog, share it with your friends, sign up for the email list, and find us on Facebook!

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