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Queen Esther on Stage

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

It happened again.

Last Thursday I attended the Family & Friend's Preview of Sight & Sound Theater's new production, Queen Esther. Though I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, I was blown away; inspired by the great Gospel Story our God told in ancient days, tells in our daily lives, and will be telling throughout the generations.

It's no secret, I love the way design, acting, music, and all the other production elements come together to tell a story, and Queen Esther brought them all together seamlessly.

The story of Esther is one long coincidence in action. Just when you think evil will win, every action is reversed and redeemed. Good thwarts evil as it should. Except, none of it is coincidence. The story, remembered annually by the Jewish people at the celebration of Purim, is a striking portrait of a God working tirelessly behind the scenes to restore His people and establish them as a light to the nations.

The Sight & Sound team did a masterful job using every stage element to bring the story to life, from the colors of the costumes to the way the set wrapped around the audience, enveloping us in the action.

That in and of itself is a faith/theatre example of God using small stories to tell the Gospel Story of redemption in Jesus Christ. Even the "small" moments that seem to go unnoticed have purpose and add value to the production.

This is one of the many takeaways I gleaned from this feast of a theatrical experience.

Here are clips from Friday's premier, including a peek at the first scene Queen Esther Premier

Information about Sight & Sound Theatres and Queen Esther can be found at their website,

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