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Shine Like Stars

One of my very favorite things about moving to Pennsylvania is the fireflies. Our first house was out in the country and somewhere around the last week of June, as twilight fell, the field across the street would light up like a fairyland!

It is truly magical.

Insects use a variety of tools to speak. Fireflies or Lightning Bugs have bioluminescent bodies which means they shine in the dark. They use their light to attract other lighting bugs and to warn predators away.

Like fireflies sprinkling pixie dust over an ordinary field, theatre artists turn everyday stories into magic. We invite people to see and wonder and praise and think.

As Believers, we get to tell stories that attract people so they will see the goodness of God and join us in praising Him. It's our job and our privilege to shine so people around us can see His glory.

Sometimes the world can feel very loud and bright. What possible difference can our one little light make against all the neon signs and street lamps competing for attention? Other times it can feel overwhelmingly dark like we're all alone in a field with no other lights around. One tiny pinprick of light in the growing shadows.

But God does not ask us to do anything other than shine. We don't have to reach certain numbers or sell tickets or go viral. All we have to do is shine where we are and let our little flashes invite others to wonder about the magic.

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