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Thoughts from Theatre Bugs

When (and where and how) did you catch the theatre bug? How old were you when the theatre bug bit? I don’t know why but equating our hobby (or profession) to germs and insects is a fun way to think about this thing we do. After all, performing is simultaneously infectious, annoying, beautiful, and fascinating.

Whatever the origin, the theatre bug represents that life-long passion we have for this business called “show.” Here at All the World a Stage, I like to connect the dots between faith and theatre, and Proverbs 6:6 says, “Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise!”

I know what you’re thinking. Sure, bugs are cool, but what can they possibly teach me about life, or faith, let alone theatre?


Ants work hard and they work together for a common goal. They are little but strong. They build beautiful, intricate colonies and have been known to invent highly complex machinery and produce dramatic circus performances to entertain grasshoppers. Maybe now I’m thinking about A Bug’s Life, but still, they are pretty amazing creatures when you get down to it.

Seriously though, bugs do have a great deal to teach us if we will only be patient and humble ourselves for a moment to watch and wonder. Over the next couple of weeks on the blog, I will roll out a new series called Thoughts from Theatre Bugs - because who doesn’t love hearing wisdom and truth from a bug? We’ll be reading Philippians 2:1-17, a passage I think could have been written to actors. The heading on this passage might as well read: “how to survive life in the theatre”.

Below is a free printable copy of the Philippians 2 script in the Complete Jewish Bible translation (currently my favorite!). I encourage you to memorize it and I hope the insight we get from the theatre bugs will be a help as you go about your day, living your life in faith and theatre!


Philippians 2 Printable
Download PDF • 89KB

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