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Why Artist Spotlight?

Once upon a time in my life I wanted to be an actress. I had big dreams of taking Broadway or Hollywood by storm and using my huge platform of devoted fans to spread Christianity throughout the world.

While there wasn’t anything wrong with my dreams per se, I am so glad, so grateful for the examples and teaching God put in my life that led me to follow Him, not my dreams. From circumstances beyond my control to choices I made along the way He has tenderly taught me to die to myself and serve in His upside down kingdom for His glory, not mine.

I understand (most of the time) that it is not my reach or my platform Jesus wants (thank goodness!). He doesn’t need me to make His name famous. What He wants is my life, my daily obedience to His Spirit in the regular, mundane, unseen interactions with the people and activities I encounter. He needs me to be an illustration, a physical representation of His impossible love wherever and whatever I happen to be doing at the time.

At this junction in my life, as I raise my children, support my actor husband, and pour into our community it means speaking into the lives of the next generation of theatre artists.

Encouraging them to know…

  • You can love and serve Jesus AND be an actor (and that doesn’t mean you can only work for Christian theatre companies!)

  • You can study the Bible to know God and He will meet you where you are and speak to your artist heart.

  • You can love and live out the Gospel message in your rehearsals, in your shows, with your cast and crew, even if you’re not a trained evangelist, theologian, or Bible scholar.

  • You can share the gospel simply by sharing your story and by recognizing it in the stories that surround you.

What This Looks Like

Here on the blog we collect stories of actors, musicians, and other artists from all stages of life. Though diverse in the hows and wheres, they share a deep love of Jesus and genuine desire to serve Him with their whole life, including their art. Read their stories, hear their hard won wisdom, and learn from their examples as sisters in faith.

Would you like to share your story of how faith has impacted your art or vice versa? Email me –

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